Guest Information

Rental Seasons

Pinewood is opened the second week in May (depending on weather) and closes the Saturday after Sept 15.

  • Off-Season is from opening until the first Saturday on/after June 14.
  • Prime Season is from the first Saturday on/after June 14 until the last full week in August.
  • Post Season is the last Saturday in August until the Saturday after Sept 15.   The rental week is from Saturday to Saturday and only full weeks are allowed during Prime Season.


Guest Registration:

The rental week is from Saturday to Saturday. Check in time is 3:00 on Saturday and check out time is 9 am the following Saturday. Renters must register all cabin occupants with the managers upon checking in. Listed rental rates are for up to six occupants. Some cabins can accommodate up to 8 and extra person rates will apply.  Accounts should be paid at the managers cabin between 10:00am and 12:00pm on Friday. Payment must be made by cash or check. All charges subject to MN sales tax.



Before checking out, cabins should be restored to the condition they were in at arrival; tableware and cooking utensils should be washed/ dishwasher emptied, and refrigerator emptied. Garbage should be bagged and put in the garbage cans. Leave beds used unmade. Cleaning personnel will change bedding, clean bathrooms, vacuum, and clean grills and fireplaces.


Boat handling and Docks

Due to potential injury, children will not be permitted on boats dock unless accompanied by responsible adults.
Boats should run at low speeds near swim area and docks. All boats should avoid swim area which is marked off by the buoys.

Boats should not be tied to resort docks longer than required to load/unload passengers and equipment because of wave damage that can result to both the boats and docks. When not in use, boats should be placed in rental lifts, beached or tied to mooring buoys. Water skiers should stay at least 100ft from beach and swim areas.


Personal water crafts (jet skis, etc) are not permitted to be launched or operated on, from or near resort property

The public access is about a mile and a half around the south side of the lake. You may park your boat trailer on the south end of the property, near the garages. No campers, tents or motor homes may be parked on resort property



All cabins are on a septic system. Please only toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet: Absolutely no Kleenex, tampons, feminine products or diapers. Report any problems to the caretakers. If the kitchen has a garbage disposal, it is very sensitive. No coffee grounds, grease, egg shells, bones, fish remains or large loads should be put down the disposal.


Garbage/Recycling handling

Refuse can be placed in plastic bags and put into the  garbage can near each cabin. Make sure the lids are tightly secured or you may have visitors during the night!
We do recycle and recycling can be put in the can labeled recycling next to the garbage can.