Ten Mile Lake

Ten Mile Lake is located in north central Minnesota. It is directly south of Walker and northwest of Hackensack. It is spring fed and one of the deepest natural lakes in Minnesota. Ten Mile Lake covers approximately 5,000 acres with a maximum depth of 208 feet.

This spring fed lake makes it ideal for swimming, sailing, tubing and water-skiing.

There is a DNR public access on the southwest shore off of Lower Ten Mile Lake Road.

Northern pike are abundant in Ten Mile Lake and the catch rate has been historically high compared to other lake class 22 waters.

Walleye abundance has increased and exceed the long-range management goal for Ten Mile Lake.

Other fish species include: black crappie, bluegill, bowfin (dogfish), brown bullhead, largemouth bass, lake whitefish, pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass, smallmouth bass, white sucker, yellow bullhead, and yellow perch.